Kimono Mask and PH Flag inspired Mask Accessory

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There is a beauty in making art out of things that are already considered broken.

This pandemic taught us one important lesson - we need to take care of the earth better.

With this thought, Kamila wants to release fashionable face masks that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

After releasing organic cotton mask, our next piece in the collection are face masks made from vintage kimonos.

These are Kimonos that are already considered "broken" for having holes or "vintage" as their patterns are considered out of style.

But Kamila see this otherwise. We see this as history and as a sustainable way of living.

Wearing this Kimono mask is wearing history. Wearing this Kimono mask is living sustainably.

Since Kimono is made from Japan but the artist is a Filipina, she wants to pair it up with an accessory to represent the meeting of two cultures. The best way she deemed fit is to make an accessory patterned after the Philippine Flag.

Each hydrangea represent the colors of the flag. There are Swarovski crystal inside the hydrangea to represent the three big island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

This accessory can tighten the fit of your mask while accessorizing your hair. If not in use, the mask can be your statement necklace or bracelet.

In a time that it is easy to lose hope, let's hold on to items that can remind us how important it is to love our country... and fight for it.