Hydrangea and Pearl Mask Accessory

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This design was inspired by two things: first, the people wearing hijabs and normalization of masks.   

In anticipation of the normalization of wearing masks, Kamila wanted to design something similar to the ear savers of health workers but with a touch of flowers and materials that can represent one's self-expression.

Further, this design was meant to be hijab-friendly. The owner, Mimi, found out from her friend that women wearing hijab needs a specialized mask. Otherwise, they can't easily remove their masks or they needed to secure it with a pin on the back.

This specialized masks are more expensive and are even harder to source. So, using a mask accessory like what Kamila designed can enable them to use the conventional masks that are secured in the ear.

Lastly, since we are not sure as to when we no longer need to wear masks, we want to make sure that the accessory can be used even after the pandemic. Thus, each and every mask accessory in this collection can double as either a bracelet or a necklace!

The mask bundled in this collection is made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is considered to be more environmental friendly because unlike the conventional cotton, they are not grown using chemicals. 

Most of the designs are bundled with an environmental-friendly mask made out of organic cotton. 



Available in 4 other colors - navy blue, pink, blue-violet and sky-blue. Each hydrangea was accentuated by an Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals.