Harry and Mimi Birthday Mystery Box
Harry and Mimi Birthday Mystery Box
Harry and Mimi Birthday Mystery Box

Harry and Mimi Birthday Mystery Box

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September is a beautiful month, not only for the team but also for me and Harry because it's our birth month.  Actually, we're supposed to celebrate our anniversary on September too, it's a complicated story..haha.😁..September is when we became official "official" but we decided to celebrate in August. 

Long story short, September is a very special month for us and so I'm very thankful that you became a part of this birthday celebration by getting our birthday mystery box. ❤🌸

As promised, after you checked out, you are entitled to 1 entry for our raffle for the FREE DINNER *as friends* with me and Harry.😁

If you're in Japan, you can schedule it with us anytime as long as you are in Nagoya! :D

Or, we can meet in the Philippines once it is safe to travel once more. Let's schedule once we finalize the date and we'll book the restaurant for us!

We'd love to treat you and we'd love to share a nice dinner or lunch if you prefer. 

More than this, since most of you who reserved for our box are people we already know or who have been supporting us for the longest time, I will personally write you a letter expressing my thanks to you. I really want to make these boxes special because they contain special pieces that I hold dear; Some were made by me and some were made by my team members but nonetheless, they are all one of a kind. They are all part of our story. May you get the same warmth and may you feel our love as you receive these pieces.🤗

Take note, however, that since some of the pieces and the letters will come from Japan, please give us one month to deliver this mystery box to you.


NOTE: Kindly try to check out this weekend cps we want to prepare it for shipping as soon as possible.


Thank you so much for always supporting us and I hope you can continue supporting our journey. Please keep safe and healthy! ❤

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Kamila's pieces is so breathtaking. I always look forward to opening them!



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