Doughies: Fleur - Flower Sourdoughnuts

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Have you eaten flower? Have you tried sourdough donuts? Have you tried donuts with a soul?

If you say no to all of the above, you came to the right place!

Kamila's next partner is doughies - a small business incorporating real flowers in making sourdough donut. Yes, these flowers are edible. Amazing isn't it?

You know what's more amazing? These donuts took 8 days to make! You see, unlike other donuts, sourdough donuts were not made from commercial yeast. The baker needed to grow the yeast for 7 days. She needed make sure the yeast is fed and alive for that long. Talk about labor of love. 

If that is not enough, do know that all the ingredients here were sourced locally. 

Read on if you wanna get hungry:

Made with mix of cream and pear jam, mulberry jam, roselle jam and passionfruit pastry cream. The donuts are glazed with white chocolate topped with fresh and candied flowers that are edible. 

Orders from Sunday to Thursday will be made and delivered on Saturdays. 

One box contains 4 fleur - flower sourdough donuts. 

TWIST: currently only available in Baguio every Thursday!


Next Fleur schedule: December 3