Candle: Travel to your favorite destinations

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You missed traveling. We do too. Soon, we can travel once again - experience different culture, try new foods and see breathtaking sceneries. Let's IMAGINE NOW. TRAVEL LATER. 

Let us take you there through imagination with the help of Kamila candles. These candles were designed with real flowers and made to remind you of your favorite places. Each scent was designed to bring you there and trigger your most beautiful memories of Tokyo, New York, Baguio, Boracay and your childhood memories. 


Tokyo - Do you know that some sakura has scent? Yes. It is sweet and faint. This is how we designed Tokyo candles. It is very subtle but heavenly. Close your eyes and we will bring you in the middle of a field of sakura. 

New York - oh the city that never sleeps. We made a candle that reminds us of the earthy fragrance of the city with a hint of citrus. This will surely make you the most productive. 

Boracay - Light this candle and let your sensory bring you to a place where the wind smells like the sea, the sun warm in your face and the wind slightly blowing your hair

Baguio - Who says no to Baguio trip. This is where you find solace. As they say, this is where broken heart goes. Baguio has that healing power. So, we designed this scent to be relaxing and comforting. 

Childhood memories - this might not be a place but this is the most universal place we go to. Especially when we feel like the world is too much, don't we just want to be a kid again - to be happy and carefree. So, this is how we designed this candle. Be reminded of that lively and carefree days when the question in your mind is : what'sfor dinner?