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Bring deeper meaning to your gift-giving tradition by choosing a gift that gives twice the joy. 

What do we mean when we say: gift that gives twice the joy?

This gift is a gift that keeps on giving. 
This gift is a gift that keeps a dream alive. 
This gift is a gift that sourced from handmade and local small businesses.

2020's flower holiday collection is a special one for Kamila because it is no longer just Kamila. Kamila's gift that gives twice the joy is a collection of real flower art with other starting artists from different field - soaps, candles, shampoo bars, scrunchies and clay. 

So let us bring you the joy of flowers and the deeper meaning they come with. 

PS. In this collection comes with a holiday mystery box. Each mystery box sold comes with an art piece from Kamila and 2 pairs of slippers which we will donate to kids in Mindoro. Help us raise 100 pairs! :D

19 products

19 products