When I entered university, I thought research is about the big concepts and that writing is about using the big words (no one has heard about). Then I met the amazing professors in the university that made me realize that writing is all about communicating and being understood. And research is about listening. More importantly, research is not meant to write about the big concepts and theories. It is about going deeper on the topic you are writing rather than wider.


These are the things I learned from Political Science that I am applying now in managing Kamila especially when I was starting.


Firstly, like research, your identity as a brand should be niche specific. You can offer it to everyone. Just find your niche and you will be surprised at how supportive and receptive people are. Unless your business model targets a large group set, I believe this is a good strategy for small business owners.


Find your niche. For example, if you want to venture into handmade jewelries, find a niche that you want to go to and you think was not explored yet by other artists. Offer something different.In a business world that is full of noise already, you need to offer something that stands out, something that is innovative and something that will make people really interested.


This is the reason why I went and started preserving real flowers and making them into wearable art. I know that there isn’t a lot of resin artist in the Philippines and this is something that will generate interest. More importantly, this is something I am interested in doing as well.


Secondly, after finding your niche, stick with it. Do not confuse your audience by offering something different again. This might widen your audience but it will not deepen your reach. In my experience, the deeper my reach and connection goes, the more supportive and more responsive the market is. This is the reason why, if I want to try something different, I make sure that I incorporate real flowers into it and make sure that I make an art out of that output. That way, I get to stick to the brand image and brand message.


So that’s it for now, in the next blogs, I will be talking about messaging and importance of vsion and mission to your business.


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