I remember clearly that back in high school, I already told myself that I want to have a work that offers flexible time. This is the reason why I did not choose to take medicine even if that is the plan of the whole clan for did I pursue full-time work in academia even if this is something I can pursue after graduation.

I was lucky because the first job I got after university offers a very flexible time in the sense that we can offset our weekend work and overtime work by coming in later than 8:00 AM. This desire to have flexible time is also the reason why I know I will eventually venture into business sooner than later.

After working for three years, I saved a little bit. Having a flexible day job and that bit of savings was what prompted me to be really serious about starting my own business.


I think this is something I want to remind you if you want to start now – make sure you have enough savings.

I thought I had enough but only after a few months, I almost finished what I allotted for my passion project and ended up spending more of my savings. Business is about experimenting with what works. It takes time and resources.

I did not start with flowers. I started with the common jewelry materials like beads and leather. Unfortunately, the market is already saturated for these materials. After several months of no sale and just expenses, I actually closed Kamila for 4 months!

After closing the I stumbled upon the post about a resin bangle designed with real flowers. I was so excited to try but was really hesitant because I do not want to spend anymore. This is where my mom intervened. She saw I really want to do it so she gave me the initial funding to buy the small kit and flowers. From that, is history.


Another important aspect to think about when starting a new business is to think what it is that you want to do.

I hope you find the time to really identify what it is you really want. Again, as mentioned in the earlier blog, business takes a lot of time, resources and energy. You need to make sure that you are passionate and interested in what it is you are doing.

For me, I followed the concept of IKIGAI. It is a Japanese word that means: reason for of being. The concept tells you to find the intersection of these four things: what you are good at, what you are passionate about, where you can make money and how you can contribute to the society. If you find the middle of it all, then you are good to go. 

As for me, I started with: I am good at talking and connecting with people and I am also passionate about arts and craft I started from here and brainstormed on how I can make money these two and how I can use it to contribute to the society. This is where Kamila was born. 

So, how about you, can you think of things that you are good at and passionate about? Do not limit it to the "popular skills" ( dancing, singing). Even gaming is a skill. Noticing details is a skill. Write it down and then start cross-referencing it to things you like doing most. From there, think of ways how to monetize it and how you can make it relevant to the community you are in. From there, you’ll never get wrong. 

In the next blog, I will be talking about how to think deeper than wider in terms of finding what business to start!


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