On Women Empowerment, Body Relationship, and Menstrual Cups By Kara

Let’s get right into it!

  1. Who is Sinaya Cup PH?

Sinaya Cup PH is the first local menstrual cup brand in the Philippines. Audrey and her team are working towards empowering women of all ages to embrace the changes in their body, and develop a healthy relationship with it. They believe that before one can shift into using menstrual cups, it’s a journey for each Filipina to discover their bodies and be comfortable with it.

They are advocating a “buy 1, teach 1” business model in support of their initiative, the CUPacity Caravan, a free experiential learning and hand-on program conducted in various public high schools across the country. That’s right, your cup goes a long way!


  1. What is the advantage of the Sinaya Cup over other menstrual cups?

Sinaya Cups are made of medical-grade silicone which is used in other medical supplies inserted in the body  vs. the other brands that might have higher plastic content in it, which could lead to irritation and could release bad chemicals when you boil it. Medical grade silicone material does not acquire bacteria, or other toxic elements.


  1. How safe is it to use?

Since the material is made of medical grade silicone, it is safe to use as long as you follow the proper protocols. Always - we can’t emphasize this enough - be mindful of washing your hands/fingers before inserting or removing the cup. As long as you have access to clean water, and your hands/fingers are clean, you are good to go. You may also sterilize it at least once a month by boiling it in a pot or UV sterilizer.


On Purchasing:


  1. How do I  know what size to buy?

There are available two sizes: the large and the small cup. The large cup is recommended for women who have already given vaginal birth, or for those with heavy menstrual flow. Otherwise, you may generally opt for a small cup. Large cups are for those with high cervix, and small cups are for those with low cervix.



  1. How do I know my cervix size?

By measuring! This is where you go manual, and measure it using your finger. Make sure your finger is lubricated with a water-based lubricant, or you can wait until you have your period so it is naturally lubricated. Here’s what you should do: Insert in your finger into your vaginal canal and try to reach for the cervix (donut shaped muscle). See up to what point you can insert your finger, and if you can’t reach your cervix at all, this means that you have a high cervix. Check out this Sinaya Cup size guide for better reference too!


On Maintenance:


  1. How do I maintain the cup’s quality? How long does it last?

Sinaya Cup recommends that you have your cup replaced every two years. Make sure to clean it with water and soap that has no fragrance and/or oils. It is important that you also sterilize it at least once a month by boiling it in a pot or UV sterilizer. To avoid over boiling the cups, let the water boil first, and if it has enough steam, just boil it for 2 minutes max. In case of a burnt cup, definitely withdraw in using a burnt cup: ultimate no-no.


  1. How can I remove stains on the cup?

It is natural for the cup to have stains; you wouldn’t be able to remove it all, you can only minimize it. Generally, just follow the recommended cleansing process, and you are all set. However, if you really want to remove the stains, use a new toothbrush and scrub it with salt or baking soda. You may also opt to scrub it with a mixture of vinegar and water BUT make sure to rinse it exceptionally well. This also goes for removing the blood stains that stubbornly crept inside the small holes of the cup. Just don’t poke it with pins!


On Usage:


  1. Do I have to remove the cup every time I pee?

No, you don’t. Your pee-hole and your menstruation-hole are two different holes.


  1. I feel like I pee more when the cup is inside me. Is this normal?

This could be due to either your position of your bladder, or how sensitive it is. Your vaginal canal could be pushing your bladder which might cause you to pee more. If you are not experiencing pain, it should be okay. However, should you feel pain when you experience this, it is crucial that you are aware of it, and address it by assessing the size of the cup, or repositioning it.


  1. How long should I keep the cup on?

Recommended duration is at maximum 12 hours. You MUST wash it after 12 hours, no matter how heavy or light your flow is. However, if you have a heavy flow, you might need to remove it after a few hours. Listen to your body.


  1. How do I dispose of a menstrual cup?

We recommend that you sterilize it first, and cut it up to little pieces (pebble-sized), and then throw it in your regular disposal. You may also opt to put it in eco-bricks (yes to eco-friendly solutions!).  


On Personal Concerns:


  1. Is there a possibility of devirginizing when you use the cup?

We get this question a lot, and we always ask - what is virginity anyway? It depends on your definition of “virginity”. If your definition of virginity is a torn hymen, we cycle back to the common misconception that most people think hymens are closed. In reality, hymens have a hole, this is where your menstruation blood exits. Also, it is very arbitrary; you could have one, you could not - in fact, hymen can tear by participating in Sports. For some, there needs to be medical intervention to cut a hymen . The bottom line is, the hymen is not a way to determine if a person has had sexual intercourse or not, just like how a menstrual cup can tear your hymen but is not tied to your virginity.

If virginity for you is deeply connected to sexual intercourse, then in essence using a menstrual cup won’t affect your virginity as menstrual cup is not a sexual object/organ.

 Long story short, no - menstrual cups do not affect your virginity. :)



  1. How do I convince my mom to let me use it?

For me personally, your body is your own. Your body, your decision. However, if your mom is the one paying for your cup purchase, then maybe showing her videos on how beneficial it is, or how to use it may help ease her into the concept.


And there you have it, woman! :) We hope you gained so much more knowledge (and clarity!) after reading this article - but hey check out the IG Live too! - and if you have more questions, our inbox is open to start a conversation with you!


If you want to know more, or have questions for Audrey and the Sinaya Cup team - head on over to their website to view the FAQs, or send them a message on their IG and FB. They would love to help you out!


True, it can be a little-lot intimidating, but hey - we just have to start. :) Until our next one!


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