Purpose and Story. Find your purpose and story and you will find a voice in the small business industry.


I am a huge fan of Catriona Gray (Ms. Universe 2019). In one of her interviews on tips on how to covet the crown, she said: find a higher purpose than the crown. I guess even on pageants, having a purpose makes you a stand out.


This is something I learn too from reading the book about Starbucks by John Moore. He said, one of the reasons for the success of Starbucks is because Starbucks made the company something to believe in. It also has a mission-driven purpose to change the world. It wants to change the culture of coffee consumption.

What I learned from these two – Catriona Gray and Starbucks is that in order to make a name for yourself, you need to espouse a higher purpose. That way, your company can have a solid following and a stronger pull to your clients. Be warned though, your clients are logical intelligent human beings. Espousing a phony call for change for the sake of it is something they can smell and see through miles away.


Long story short, if you want to stand out, make the purpose of your business more than just earning money. It`s not necessarily be about something grand.


Build a narrative within your brand. Tell a story. What is your purpose of being? What is the mission of the company? Remember, people buy the story more than the product. The relationship you build with your clients is stronger with them knowing your story and purpose. It is also your strong point compared to big companies capable of selling it cheaper because they can mass produce. Mass-produced products have no soul. It has no relationship with the customers. While you, my dear small business owners (especially handmade items), share a piece of your soul every time you deliver that package!


For us, our main vision is to change the culture of consumption. We want to implement it in a bigger scale, but for now, within we are happy to influence our own sphere. We want to convince our network and small community to choose conscious consumption - to try to consume products that they can have a relationship with. It will also result to longer use. The items we throw away fast are the items we do not have relationship with.


We also want to promote that we should only support ethical companies. Let`s stop giving money to companies abusing their workers – not paying them right and not giving them just working condition. I know this is easier said than done. Consumption of basic goods is based on convenience anyways. So, as a solution, we want to support more small business owners and encourage others to do the same so there will be more alternative in the market.


Hopefully with a thriving small business industry, everyone will have better choices and conscious consumption will be easier to practice. When there is more demand for ethical business practices, big companies has no choice but to respond.

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