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Pink Premium Sakura - Hope and Hardwork
Pink Premium Sakura - Hope and Hardwork
Pink Premium Sakura - Hope and Hardwork
Pink Premium Sakura - Hope and Hardwork
Pink Premium Sakura - Hope and Hardwork
Pink Premium Sakura - Hope and Hardwork
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Opportunity only presents itself to people who dare take the first few steps. This is what this premium sakura embodies. 

Finding a preserved pink Sakura IS RARE. Usually, it's only available during the Sakura season. However, since Kamila wants to offer more unique Sakura pieces this holiday collection, we looked for supplier for weeks until we found one!

So here it is, a Pink Premium Sakura piece for the holiday season!


We added a fire in the middle of the Sakura in the presence of Swarovski Crystals. Imagine wearing something so dainty and yet so bold.

The pearls used are Swarovski Pearls and the metal parts came from Japan. Meaning to say, we only used the best quality materials there is. 

Metal parts are 14k gold-plated, hypo allergenic and water resistant. 

What to expect:

  • This piece is coming from Japan. Target shipping date is between Dec 15 - Dec 20, 2021. 
  • This comes with a packaging box so it is perfect as a gift to you or loved ones.

After Sales

  • Kamila guarantees that your piece will last at least a year. If this gets broken, just send it back to us for free repair. 
  • You can send it back every year for retouch (up to 2 times retouch)
  • All the materials used here are high-quality products. We used Padico - the most expensive and most reliable resin in the world and we used Swarovski crystals and brass pieces. Expect that the gold components of this piece will not tarnish nor fade. If and when they do, just bring it back to Kamila for a replacement. 

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I super love your work! The artistry is unparalelled. 

Janelle Tee, Ms. Earth Philipines 2019

Ang ganda po ng earcuff! Even the photographer can't get enough of my earcuff po! Even the photographer can't get enough of your earcuff po. 

Lyza (Debutant)

I don't have a boyfriend yet but I am already sure I wanna get an earring from you for my wedding day. 

Loyal client and future bride 'Alyanna'